Black Rock Luxury Ltd

Our group of architects developers has achieved the last 6 years several projects which we can mention with pride the success. Namely :

realisationThe Eqwalis Center of 6000 m2 dedicated to sport and wellness

realisationA 450 units housing project in accession and Social
Co-promotion with GTOI (a subsidiary of Colas Group in Reunion)
The operation was sold off-plan (VEFA, Vente à l' Etat Futur d' Achèvement) to the first mixed economy company of the island SIDR
To date :
127 delivered without any reserve
145 being delivered and without delay
170 under construction for delivery in 2016

realisationL' R du temps
The group also carries a proposed urban shopping mall, the first of Reunion Island with a reflection on a place to live. Before all, shopping, bowling, food courts and other business square coexist in an atmosphere reflected by our architects. To date the project has earned the creation agreement including cdac confirmed by the State Council of France. We are currently in the marketing phase waiting for the construction permit.

Naturally our group likes to take challenges and is interested in the RES program in Mauritius and launches its first operation 10 super luxury villas :
les Villas Intemporelles at Grand Bay.

A choice firstly of resort town close to all amenities :
- La Croisette (mall - shopping)
- Super U (Food provision center - shopping - food courts - restaurants)
- Maritim Lux Hotel.

A choice of the Site

Indeed, we are located at the entrance of the hotel Domaine des Alizés, a spa complex, restaurant and apartment hotel of 67 suites.

A choice of architecture.
A resolutely modern style with the use of traditional materials like wood, stone, characteristic of the Mauritian architecture.
Our design borrows the traits of Arabic architecture adorning themselves with Moucharabieh and offering patios. However, the architecture worthy of Californian villas ensures beautiful glazed spaces where the interior extends outwards so that you will always live in communion with nature

Our partners

Bertrand Giraud,
Jurist holding a Master in Business Law II
Landowner of the property Morne Brabant (more than 400ha around the Morne Mountain). Promoter of a concept of VVIP lodges on the land of Le Morne. Bertrand Giraud manages a support firm for developers and investors in Mauritius. He provides engineering and the proper functioning of several projects and has to his credit 4 RES realisations in the optimal conditions for the investor. A real guarantee of confidence. He also operates the real estate project division within the notarial cabinet of Me.Maigrot.

Study Bertrand Maigrot, Notary in Mauritius

Study Lagourgue, Me. Bémat, Notary in Reunion

Socotec, health and safety control

Capital Horizon, financial monitoring and operational

AS Gopee Ltd, Structural Engineer

Xavier Morel Bylting Architecture Ltd

QS Matrix Project Ltd

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